Monday, 17 February 2014

It Takes Time to Embody the Timeless

"Since my thoughts affect my body, then what I'm not thinking also affects my body. In other words, when I'm not experiencing the passage of time in mind, my body is also experiencing no time passing." ~~ Ending Time
My True Self aka the Presence is timeless and has a body that is timeless.  In other words, that body doesn't experience aging and is immortal.
Here's a paradox.  If I want to embody the timeless Presence, I need to put the time in.
What do I mean by putting the time in?
I need to practise being in silence and having no thoughts. This means practise experiencing life from that place of inner silence. 
I love drinking Vimto (a fruit concentrate) that I dilute in cold water.  Sometimes, I dilute it in cold milk. 
The moment I add a drop of Vimto to water, the water changes colour. While the water does not taste sweet from a few drops of Vimto, its taste has already been altered. The more Vimto I add, the more flavour is added to the water, which transforms the taste of the water.  If there's too much Vimto, the water tastes syrupy.  I don't like my drink too sweet, just slightly sweet.
I believe practising being the Presence (i.e. in silence) is rather like adding a few drops of Vimto to water. My consciousness (water) is instantly altered.  The more I practise inner silence, the more my consciousness is transformed.  There comes a point when my consciousness is so saturated with the Presence that the Presence now takes over and I get to experience my immortal body in form.
Right now, I'm still testing out this theory and I'll see how it goes. If my body appears forever young when I am 80 years old then I'll know for sure that I'm embodying my timeless body.
In the meanTime, I'm going to continue having fun practising being the Presence.